laptop computer beside coffee mug

Maybe it’s time to start writing

The laptop battery is completely charged up
And my desk is finally neat
My coffee is hot and I’ve just had a sip
And I’m staring at a totally blank screen

Everything seems in order, I’m ready to go
I have another sip of my brew
I’m just waiting for that certain insight to happen
That I deem exciting and new

When I realize the laundry hasn’t been started
And there’s a little dust on the floor
And the angle of my desk lamp isn’t quite right
Was that noise a knock on the door

So I start with my room and then clean the whole house
And for good measure I clean the broom
Then I take the dirty clothes down to be washed
And end up cleaning the laundry room

Back at my desk I notice the sun
Is now making a glare on my screen
So I take just a minute to adjust the reflection
And a few minutes more to preen

Then the day outside finally catches my eye
It’s shaping up to be really nice
So I take my coffee cup to the window
Admiring nature can’t be a vice

In fact my sojourn with the world outside
Is inspiring in every respect
I feel my Muse is there beside me
It’s exactly what I expect

I can feel things really coming together
Now the mood is right, and so is the lighting
If I’m really a writer I can’t wait forever
So maybe it’s time to finally start writing

But then the phone rings and I can’t help but think
What if it’s some kind of crisis
But it’s just and old friend who wants to buy me a drink
And even writers must make sacrifices

But everything’s ready and tomorrow I’ll double
My daily output of words
Forgetting that yesterday I had exactly the same struggle
Making sentences from nouns and verbs


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