man standing in front of white wall


Is nothing something that doesn’t exist
Can someone do nothing if they don’t resist
Is nothing everything, just with a twist
Like you and I are reflections of all that is
Traveling through time to no destination
No reason, no purpose, just part of creation

Like your shadow is not really who you are
But an atom could be a distant star
And the distance between stars is filled up with space
Like a mirror that doesn’t reflect your face
And the image seen but never even noticed
Right before your eyes is sometimes remotest

Does everything come from nothing at all
Becoming something as if it’s been called
Into being and becoming without having a reason
To go through the cycles, the rituals, the seasons
Until in the end it no longer exists
Left with the feeling that nothing persists

We don’t think about nothing, we take it for granted
But nothing is magic, it’s completely enchanted
The beginning, the end, and everything between
The plot of the story, the hero, the theme
Nowhere and everywhere, but always concealed
Some people don’t even think it is real


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