One of life’s simplest and best recipes

Here’s one of life’s simplest and best recipes
Like everything else, it’s the chemistry
To create the future that you want to see
Just go ahead and start doing what you want to be

Don’t stop at the mirror to groom your eyebrows
Just know that everything will work out somehow
You can start without planning or making stern vows
Just do it today, start doing it right now

Elaborate schemes hardly ever work out
When they do it’s because you took an unforeseen route
Experience is the one thing you can’t do without
It gives you the confidence that helps banish doubt

If you are not certain what you want to be
Just do who you are, and let everyone see
Try doing new things occasionally
And don’t be concerned with trying too hard to please

Find something to do that matters to you
Doing things to help others is really good too
When you lift up somebody, you’ll find that you lift
Yourself up as well, and that’s really a gift

Whatever you do, don’t search for your passion
Passions are almost as fickle as fashions
Find a way to be helpful if you do nothing else
That’s all it takes to feel good about yourself

You don’t need permission, you don’t need to ask
Don’t settle for a role in another play’s cast
Once you start doing your options are vast
As long as you don’t try to remake the past

It isn’t your knowledge and it’s not who you know
If you can imagine it, it can be so
You can’t control the winds or where they will blow
So you have to be willing to make it up as you go


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