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Resisting resistance

We all recognize resistance it’s easy to see
Especially in others who might resist we
It’s harder to see when we’re doing the resisting
It’s way to easy to just call it persisting

Resistance somehow makes everything harder
Resistance can be disguised as passion or ardor
It can inspire, it can challenge, and, even require
It can separate distinctions with a gossamer wire

Resistance might appear to be a victory
A surprising triumph over some adversity
Unexpectedly overcoming an obstacle
Or receiving news that is curiously optimal

But resisting resistance is totally vain
And denying it’s existence, is equally inane
Our understanding of resistance is totally skewed
Because we think it’s the enemy, evil and shrewd

To discern least resistance you have to detect
Well, resistance, of course, what did you expect
To detect the subtleties you clearly must have mastered
Resistance to know it nuances forward and backward

Now to master something without direct experience
Without practice and errors and just being curious
Is a notion to which most folks can’t relate
It’s like being behind schedule without being late

You need direct knowledge in order to use it
Like you’ve got to be an instrument if you want to play music
Resistance is a skill that is best slowly mastered
At your own pace, neither slower nor faster

You were probably a master when you were around ten
When your mastery of playing was pretty close to Zen
You would have toyed with the irony in all likelihood
For when you can resist nothing, you know you are good

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