Sales is not about selling

Sales in not in the least about selling
It’s more about listening to hear what is compelling
To the buyer and then enabling the buy
By doing what it takes to prove you’re an ally

You can’t rush the process, that just erodes trust
Your best bet is be fair, to be better than just
Especially if you cotton to fortune and fame
Make sure your delivery is better than your claim

Forget about pitches in a moving elevator
Just listen so you know what to talk about later
It isn’t about you, it’s all about your buyers
It’s about their true needs and their personal desires

You can sell your heart out, till the cows come home
This is what’s known as seller’s syndrome
It’s an affliction where you want to force things to happen
And you’re seduced by the sounds of own voice’s rappin’

You feel the pressure of quotas, where you stand on the board
Your need for adulation and to not be ignored
Your need to impress and have all the right numbers
While your buyer is taking note of and remembering your blunders

If you want to make sales, you have to create trust
A slow steady breeze instead of a gust
Sales cycles are myths, they don’t actually exist
It’s the buyer’s discretion, you’re just there to assist


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