That man in the mirror looking back today
The hair is definitely a little more gray
But he’s still the one who has always been moved
By melodies that flow and caress and soothe
Folk songs and ballads and ol’ time hymns
This man still loves music far more than gems

The man looking back has always been there
Even as a child he was always aware
Of the essence there within the form
That’s who he was, he didn’t have to perform
Reflecting, ha, he smiles at the pun
His eyes crinkle, that’s all he needs for fun

He thinks of rambling along Whiteside’s trail
Would be good to get out where the seasons prevail
And think about life and family and love
And enjoy being satisfied having just enough
Like the poetry in Kris Kristofferson’s songs
Every image exactly where it belongs

Would be nice to share a bottle of wine
But we’ll have to do that some other time
The reality of Covid intrudes on the day
Damn, the world is in some kind of disarray
But at the same time, things have never been better
He thinks of Jeri, his reflection smiles with pleasure

He travels back briefly to the Millsaps years
So many friends, his eyes brim with tears
He glances back at the mirror again
He imagines the smooth cheeks he had back then
I don’t feel old at all, he says to himself
I just have a few more stories to tell

photo by Jon Crocker © 1972


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