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So you want to be an entrepreneur

So you want to be an entrepreneur
You’ve thought it through, you’re definitely sure
Okay, now you’ve got some decisions to make
The first is this, there are two paths to take

The first path makes solutions for somebody else
The second is based on solving a problem for yourself
You should think very carefully before you decide
You want your eyes to be open wide

The first path leads to a business that can scale
And some say this is the holy grail
The market looks bigger and the path more defined
You’re more likely to get contracts you’ll actually sign

The second path is less defined, its way is less clear
And every step taken will be a little more dear
You don’t ask yourself what the world may need more
You ask what makes you come alive at your core

This path is said to be more artistic than not
A story where character is more important than plot
But for it to be a business, there still have be sales
Otherwise you’re a dog being wagged by its tail

These are the two paths and you have to choose
You’re suited for one, choose the other and lose
If you fail at one, you should try the other
Your path is the way only you can discover


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