silhouette of person walking on field during daytime

Steady stepping

It’s the steady stepping that finishes the trip
It’s sometimes the stumble and sometimes the slip
It’s the short cut that’s longer, it’s the strangers you meet
It’s the sunburn and rain and the blisters on your feet

It’s the food that is offered by generous souls
When you have nothing to put in your bowl
It’s the places you find rest and can lay down your head
It’s the road that’s behind you and the path up ahead

But without steady stepping no progress is made
Every step you don’t take is just progress delayed
One after the other, it can seem like a drudge
Hill after valley, up and down you must trudge

Sometimes your steps quicken sometimes they are slow
What’s around the next bend, you hardly ever know
But still you step forward because you cannot go back
Looking for your place, seeking what you lack

If you focus on the journey you aren’t going to miss out
On the experiences you’re having right now in the now
Savor each experience as you travel along
When you’re stepping the journey is where you belong

You may pause now and then, but eventually move on
Tired in the evening, and restless with the dawn
Until in the end when you know that you know
There is not any place you must go


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