The art of doing nothing

You try to think of nothing or conceptualize none
But you’ll eventually discover it just can’t be done
You can’t think of nothing, but don’t be dismayed
The human mind simply doesn’t function that way
It thinks about the future, and the past and emotions
And that’s more than enough thoughts to fill up an ocean

Don’t worry, though, you’re not the only one
Who hasn’t been able to get this task done
It simply doesn’t matter how hard that you try
No matter how clever, no matter how sly
Though you can’t think of nothing, you can go nowhere
And you can do nothing when you finally get there

Your body, you see, it knows what to do
There now, I’ve just given you another big clue
The difference is doing, not thinking at all
Otherwise you’ll be driving yourself up the wall
Do something simple, do it over and over
And each time you must do it a little bit slower

Just watch what your body does again and again
But invest your attention as if you can win
You’ll eventually find you’re beyond all intent
You may even wonder where all your thoughts went
It’s sort of a non-place at which you’ve arrived
But you won’t even detect you don’t feel deprived

You won’t notice you’re there without all your friends
You won’t feel any guilt or be making amends
You won’t feel any joy or sadness at all
You will not feel big, nor will you feel small
Your mind may be thinking but you won’t even notice
That in this not noticing you’re incredibly focussed

You are focussed on nothing, that should give you a hint
And won’t even wonder where it is that you went
It really isn’t a place you have gone
But somehow you’re not bored, you don’t need to yawn
You will have experienced what your mind cannot think
You simply went nowhere and recall not a thing

You experienced nothing, and you were right there
Where nothing was happening and you didn’t even care
There were no obligations no deadlines to meet
No places to go or people to greet
So you might be thinking this doesn’t make sense
Until you realize you no longer feel tense

That you have much more focus, you find that you’re pleased
Situations that once stressed you, you now handle at ease
Your sense of well-being is way off the charts
Your lungs are much stronger and so is your heart
All from doing nothing, it’s a great exercise
You owe it to yourself to give it a try

Don’t do it just once, that isn’t the way
It’s best if you practice a little each day
Getting good at doing nothing isn’t really that hard
But you must practice doing nothing if you want the rewards
As for cultivating habits, you will be most impressed
Going nowhere to do nothing is one of the best

How do you practice doing nothing you ask
That doesn’t sound like much of a task
It’s easy to overthink it, but not hard to do
Because it doesn’t seem to accomplish anything for you
But that’s where you’re wrong, so don’t be deceived
That’s just the way doing nothing is perceived

Doing nothing is just being, it’s as simple as it looks
But you learn nothing about it from reading in books
The way to do nothing is being so into doing
You lose track of the goal that you are pursuing
You really have to do it, if you would ever understand
That being great at doing nothing, is the ultimate plan


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