rocks and sea with silhouette of lighthouse in background

The gods I know

The gods I know live in full emptiness
Where nothingness is the only stuff that exists
Where every instant is totally full
Of possibilities for push or pull

The gods I know create all they create
From nothing not even an empty slate
Then everything created is returned to fill
The emptiness with nothing that cannot be spilled

The gods I know don’t ever think
They don’t favor colors like purple or pink
They mindlessly do what they do forever
And only do nothing, now isn’t that clever

The gods I know don’t work for the pay
They do nothing and somehow they treat is as play
They live beyond time and they don’t compete
They’re comfortable with nothing being complete

The gods I know make lots of mistakes
Because they know that’s what it takes
They persist at this because they are gods
There are always openings if you want a job

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