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The plan has been changed

All the plans I’ve ever made, they all had to be changed
It’s almost like the planner was totally deranged
And even when some plans have actually worked out
It was because at some point I took a different route

You think you have your bases covered, everything is in order
You start enthusiastically, with discipline and ardor
And as soon as you’ve built up a little momentum
You need tools you don’t have and you have to invent ‘em

Plans seem to want to go their own way
It’s almost like your plan plans to sabotage your day
And the unintended consequences, give me a break
Plans seem designed to give you headaches

Whether you’re planning to do anything simple or not
Luckily planning is not the only option you’ve got
You will get to the point, sooner or later
Where you just want to wing it and throw away the paper

You arrive at the conclusion eventually
To take a step at a time and see what you see
And not focus your attention too far ahead
To work on what’s next, not the goals in your head

If goals are distractions from being here right now
From doing what needs doing, which needs doing anyhow
If you plan and have to change it are things any better
Since you know you never follow any plan to the letter

You can only make plans for what you think you know
But it’s what you can’t plan for that causes plans to slow
The thing about plans is that they may be good guesses
But it’s your resilience and resourcefulness that will bring you successes


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