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The sweet taste of success

You wanted to savor the sweet taste of success
You wanted everyone to see you at your best
But success was elusive and you wondered why
Still you had to pursue it, you cannot not try

You could see what looked like success others had
It all looked okay, none of it looked that bad
Why not just do what others had done
Why complicate it, just give it a run

You thought a good salary would satisfy your urge
You thought you’d be fine with money to splurge
Yet something was missing after you reached your goal
But like Alice you still had to go down that hole

You thought a nice house would be just what you needed
So you went into debt for one that exceeded
Everything that you ever thought you wanted to live in
It’s a common mistake that must often be forgiven

Then you thought happiness might be living with less
Thinking minimalism would help reduce stress
You donated and had a big sale on the lawn
But success still eluded you when everything was gone

You heard following your passion was the path to success
Others had done it and you were impressed
So what was your passion, well, you couldn’t recall
Turns out you weren’t passionate about anything at all

You tried affirmations, you tried being lucky
You tried simply avoiding anything yucky
You tried hanging out with people who had it
You tried all the apps that promised good habits

You finally realized after all this travail
You had no idea what success might entail
So you decided to invest a little time to define it
That should make it much easier for you to divine it

So you started all over in your quest for success
You didn’t want distractions, you didn’t want to digress
And what you finally realized really opened your eyes
You conclusions were so simple even you were surprised

Success is not a result you achieve
It’s actually more like something you believe
And what works for others may not work for me
Success is just what you decide it will be

Everyone’s situation is a little bit different
To think there’s only one definition is ignorant
You must do what matters in your situation
Especially as it applies to interpersonal relations

You can’t compare yourself to somebody else
Success is what you say it is for yourself
It’s what works for me in my life right now
Yet we still hold on to our sacred cows

In the end it isn’t something out there to pursue
It is something you must create inside you
Success isn’t a goal, it isn’t something you do
Success is having the right attitude


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