boy sitting on bench while holding a book

The things that matter most

All those dirty dishes in the kitchen sink
Don’t really matter as much as you think
The new shoes on your feet or that fabulous hair style
They will be out of fashion in just a short while

You hurry, hurry, hurry, so you won’t be late
Then when you get there, you hurry up and wait
Gotta have new stuff, yeah, you’ve got to have more
You don’t need a reason, you don’t even need a store

And though we agree there’s no place like home
What’s up with that itch, that strong urge to roam
To go and see places that you’ve never been
But if you try to do it all, you know you can’t win

Unless you can change and somehow start to care
More about the stuff that isn’t physically there
For instance, there’s love, and friendship and trust
Things that slip through your fingers, there’s never enough

But if you have just a little you can always have more
If you give some away and don’t try to keep score
It’s really so simple like dropping a ball
The things that matter most are not things at all


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