Access not encouraged even if you can go around...

The things you and I aren’t supposed to do

No complaining
No whining
No excuses
No lying
No gossip
No judging
No arrogance
No grudging
No blaming
No shaming
No coveting
No cheating
No hurting
No envy
No anger
No arrogance
No vanity
No procrastination you lazy-ass slob
No lusting
No greed
No passing by anyone who has a need
Do not disturb and don’t you dare enter
Oh, the things you and I aren’t supposed to do
It’s a list so long, you won’t ever get through
Not doing the stuff you’re not supposed to do
We humans seem to have a proclivity
For behaviors based on pure negativity
Not to mention almost any form of inactivity
So if all your negative traits were cancelled
With no chance you could ever be involved in a scandal
And you became a positive, shining example
Of goodness and light and virtue and grace
And you always had a smile on your face
Like you were a member of a master race
I’m gonna tell you how this story ends
You probably wouldn’t have any friends
I just can’t see perfection becoming a trend

Photo by Dimitri Houtteman via Unsplash


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