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The tools you need

Self-awareness and courage are two tools you need
At least for those who go first and lead
Patience and focus should fill-out your kit
And a little resolve won’t hurt, not one bit

Self-awareness and courage will show you the way
Listen to them and do what they say
Patience and focus are how you engage
Get these sharp before turning the page

Self-awareness to be honest and know who you are
Courage to face fears and raise up the bar
Patience to practice without being a star
Focus on the process, forget about how far

What you build with these tools is all up to you
There is really not anything that you cannot do
There’s no obstacle too big, but it’s you who must choose
There’s no one holding you back now but you

But you know that’s how it has always been
It’s never about whether you lose or win
You must be able to say, it isn’t a race
Whenever you meet yourself face-to-face

The journey you’re taking, it just goes one way
It will be up to you whether it’s work or it’s play
So, by the way, you may also want to pack
Your sense of humor, too, because you’re not coming back


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