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The wasted years

I look back on the years some people think I wasted
When each day was a lavish repast to be tasted
When I struggled while others just cut and pasted

I learned how to do things because I was curious
Some of them well reasoned, some of them spurious
But every bit of it was valuable experience

Those wasted years were full of insights
Plenty of lows while scaling new heights
Choices that proved wrong even when they were right

Those wasted years were not wasted at all
In each there were experiences I still recall
Momentous choices that at the time seemed small

Those wasted years were full of mistakes
That I never even dreamed I would have to make
Forks in the road I was forced to take

Those wasted years were just what I needed
Full of wisdom I may not have heeded
Hard teachings that won’t have to be repeated

I made my choices I did things my way
But if those years were wasted that’s a price I can pay
I may even make the same choices today

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