person holding brown map

The way is littered

The way is littered
Not with trash from previous travelers
For none have traveled this way before
Though many have stood where you stand
Many have surveyed the distant horizon
And found the way
Daunting and still
They moved on
Carving their path
From the wilderness

The way is littered
Not with the evidence of those
Who have gone before
But with your own fears
And the obstacles you erect
Before you as you go

The way is littered
Hidden beneath the debris
Of assumptions and expectations
Beliefs and speculations
Correlations and guesses
Uncleaned-up messes
Rumors and tales
Stories that regale
Promising maps to treasures
And invitations to feasts

The way is littered
With the rubbish you bring
You trip over it
While you are looking
At the horizon
Looking for that sign
That will show you the way
Your way
Looking for the way
Is what’s getting in your way
You can only become it
And stop looking
So you can see


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