girl with paint of body

The ways of my youth

The ways of my youth may be better or worse
But righter or wronger, I did learn them first
Some I was taught, and some came about
From getting into trouble and getting myself out
But the ones that stick with me, even today
Are the ones that I Iearned while learning to play

The ones that I favor, just between you and me
Are the ones that encourage simplicity
Good friends and good food, a good laugh now and then
Are like flowers that bloom, again and again
Someone you can talk to who will tell you the truth
I learned to value these things in my youth

I know that I’ve changed, I’m no longer a child
In fact, looking back, it has been quite awhile
So the ways that I stick with, that serve me so well
Are the ways I can count on when I want to excel
At times I try new ways, and while some of them last
It’s the ways of my youth that are still not surpassed


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