And make you feel like you’re on the edge of a cliff

The “Yes, buts”

The “Yes, buts” are sitting out there in the dark
Pricking at you and me with their sharp little barbs
They’re always so cleverly passive aggressive
That’s what makes them so damned impressive

The “Yes buts” are also out there in the light
Making it hard to tell black from white
Distracting, refracting and always impacting
Doing what they can to elicit reacting

Ah, the “Yes buts” are always out in full force
And they’re always making objections, of course
Trying to distract you from getting stuff done
If you’re confused, the “Yes buts” are really having fun

The “Yes Buts” will object when you’re asking “What if?”
And make you feel like you’re walking on the edge of a cliff
The only way to silence them is the classic improv plan
Where you respond to everything they say with, “Yes and…” 

Photo by Mukil Menon via Unsplash


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