grayscale photo of a man wearing hoodie

There is so much tragedy

There is so much tragedy, it’s all around
Senseless tragedy, fears abound
Preventable tragedy, people shut down
Living forests turning brown

Children laugh then forget the sound
Grow up to put on lifelong frowns
Pretenders wearing plastic crowns
Homes becoming battlegrounds

Isolated into warring tribes
Evil is how each side describes
Those who oppose their superiority
But especially if they’re a brown minority

Today another child gunned down
It could happen anywhere, in any town
Justice in complete breakdown
Jeering and sobbing are society’s sounds

Then the media moves on to the next disaster
The news cycle shorter and ever faster
Mostly opinions to hell with the facts
If it bleeds it leads that’s what attracts

Equality runs in full retreat
Emboldened hatred walks the streets
Brothers and sisters in opposition
Each only hearing their own position

But out of conflict hopes arise
One person looks into another’s eyes
And sees another soul that cries
In the face of all the unanswered whys

Each gives the other a ray of hope
A bit of strength, a way to cope
Finally a reason to come together
A glimpse of how to make things better

In this moment a connection is made
Two people who are each a little less afraid
Each seeing a path to resolve the mess
By giving more and demanding less

Photo by Leroy Skalstad via


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