poetry for big kids - 08-14-2021 - by steve rigell - http://poetryforbigkids.com/they-didnt-know-any-better

They didn’t know any better

It was only a relative short time ago
The world still felt fresh and new
The gods walked on the earth
The animals spoke and played tricks
Fresh and new after billions of years
Now that’s what you call
Having things worked out

But, now the earth feels tired and worn
It happened in just a few years
The memory is fading
The memory of what was
Before the humans decided
To have things their way
To have it all their way

The gods will shake their heads and say
As they again walk on the earth one day
Looking at all the damage done
‘This looks like a global hit-and-run.’
They’ll shake their heads and continue walking,
‘Too bad about the humans, they really were clever,
it’s almost like they didn’t know any better.’

Photo by Koushik Pal via Unsplash


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