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Thinking isn’t doing

Thinking isn’t doing, but that’s how it feels
In your mind you see progress, the turning of wheels
You can see the big picture, it’s conceptually clear
You see into the future, as if it were here

Your thinking has clarity, it covers the bases
In no time at all, you are off to the races
Perfection is attainable, at least in your mind
You’ve thought it all through, everything is defined

But wait just a minute, you think a bit more
Go through it again, you can’t afford to ignore
The smallest of details, must all be thought through
You must look at them all, as if searching for clues

Is everything ready, Is there anything you missed
You look at the nuances, analyze all the twists
This thing you have thought, is elegant to behold
You say to yourself, this idea is pure gold

You’ve got the solution, the problem is solved
This plan makes certain all the issues are resolved
This time will be different, this is a good plan
But just in case, you go through it again

Each time you go through it, you find something new
A crack that some detail could conceivably fall through
So you think and you overthink and then think some more
Because thinking feels productive, and it’s what you adore

You never get the message, somehow you don’t hear
The truth that by now, should be abundantly clear
You’re gonna make mistakes, when you try something new
And thinking alone, won’t deliver the coup

It’s the things you don’t know you don’t know that will be
The things you didn’t plan for, that you didn’t foresee
There are just too many things, that you can’t control
You can’t avoid digging, yourself into a hole

Why is this lesson so difficult to learn
Over and over I’m the one who gets burned
I should know it by now, because my dues have been paid
I always learn more from mistakes I have made

Thinking is good, but there must come a time
When you put on your boots and walk through the slime
You won’t really make progress, you’ve known all along
Unless you’re doing something, even if it’s wrong


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