green, yellow, and red abstract painting

This is the way I like to work

I was working today and lost track of time
I have no idea where it went
A little while later I was back where I was
And had no idea where I’d been

It was really nowhere that I had gone
And nothing that I had done
And all that was sandwiched between two times
A burger inside a quantum bun

It was like I was floating within a stream
That was also moving through me
Like I was trying to remember a dream
Of flowing into the sea

But I could see I had done a lot
Though I could not recollect
How I had known how to do what I did
Or how I knew that it was correct

This is the way that I like to work
It’s a lot like meditation
It isn’t really work but nor is it play
It’s more like liberation

This kind of work, you can’t do for the man
It really cannot be compelled
It comes from within when you’re creating life
Drawing water up from your own well


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