laughing just to hear the sound

To be human

To be human is to admit you’ve made plenty of mistakes
Then there’s also feeling pain in your heart when it breaks
And of course, there’s experiencing the suddenness of fear
There’s also grieving, and sometimes shedding tears
We can’t leave out experiencing feelings of self-doubt
And sometimes just having to let your anger out
Occasionally you may feel like you are a fraud
Plus, there’s always having to admit you are flawed

To be human is to be in situations where you’re stressed
Then there’s also knowing when you’re doing your best
And of course, there’s knowing when you could have done better
There’s also assuming that you’ll live forever
We can’t leave out feeling small beneath the stars overhead
And sometimes just wanting to sleep late in your bed
Occasionally you take pleasure in the warmth of the sun
Plus, there’s always the relief when your day’s work is done

To be human is a relentlessly long list of chores
Then there’s also getting something and then to want something more
And of course, there’s wondering what’s around the next curve
There’s also admitting that you don’t have the nerve
We can’t leave out keeping going when you want to quit
And sometimes making messes you don’t care to admit
Occasionally not being as confident as you act
Plus, there’s always over-thinking before you over-react

To be human is to look for your keys and be late
Then there’s also wanting to be creative and create
And of course, there’s wishing you could take back things you have said
There’s also listening to that voice in your head
We can’t leave out resisting when you’re feeling coerced
And sometimes competing and striving to be first
Occasionally being curious and want to discover
Plus, there’s always giving your love to another

To be human is to clean up other human messes
Then there’s also knowing failures as well as successes
And of course, there’s wanting to have things your way
There’s also wanting them, right now, today
We can’t leave out be impatience, not being willing to wait
And sometimes deciding to procrastinate
Occasionally choosing which hill you will climb
Plus, there’s always appreciating a poem with no rhyme

To be human is to remember the places you have wandered
Then there’s also regretting the time that you squandered
And of course, there’s being pretty much addicted to food
There’s also sometimes not being in the mood
We can’t leave out stumbling and being slammed to the ground
And sometimes laughing and just to hear the sound
Occasionally craving the respect of your peers
Plus, there’s always regret for wasting some of your younger years

To be human is to care about things that don’t matter
Then there’s also growing older and perhaps a bit fatter
And of course, there’s marveling at the intricacy of nature
There’s also that impulse for returning a favor
We can’t leave out being lousy at making predictions
And sometimes being a mass of contradictions
Occasionally being biased and thinking others are wrong
Plus, there’s always the longing to be someone who belongs

To be human is spending your best years in play
Then there’s also growing up and letting worries rule your day
And of course, there’s laying wide awake in the night
There’s also hoping you’ve fought the good fight
We can’t leave out wanting your life to have purpose
And sometimes keeping going in spite of the burden
Occasionally loving a good story’s conclusion
Plus, there’s always judging others for being so human

Photo by Brian Lunquist via Unsplash


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