man standing on stone looking at sunset

Was it something you did?

It’s something that happens occasionally
Though not as often as we’d like it to be
You wonder if it was something you did
For a second you felt better than being a kid
You’d like to know how to do it again
Was it something to do with the tilt of your chin

It seems accidental so you really can’t claim
Things are really that different, in fact, the world looks the same
But you know things have changed, you want to do it again
Outside of time in an orbit with the opposite spin
But it felt so natural, like you had returned
To a place where wisdom doesn’t have to be learned

Was it something you were doing in the moments before
Were you mysteriously transported to a distant shore
You look around and the world looks exactly the same
But you know in your heart that everything has changed
For a minute your ego was not there in the way
And you invited your soul to come out to play


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