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We all need a small victory now and then

We all need a victory now and then
A reasonable conquest we know we can win
We need it for us, not for somebody else
A win we can win, without any help

A quick win that you can feel good about
Just a little something to banish the doubt
The doubt that tells us, we can’t do this or that
That we’ll never succeed, that we’re gonna fall flat

The doubts that play on our deepest fears
The ones we’ve been holding onto for years
The doubts that come back again, over and over
The doubts that erode our most stable composure

A small win that tells our doubts they are wrong
And forces them to go back where they belong
To show us there’s a sunnier point of view
So we can tell ourselves, there you go, that was for you

Something to smile about, not rejoice or exult
That’s all it takes, just one small result
It doesn’t have to be a momentous occasion
Just a simple quiet internal celebration


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