Fathers and sons

We want our fathers to be perfect

We want our fathers
To be perfect, to glow 
In the dark to banish
Our fears to hold us
Close even when we 
Push them away even
When we blame them
Because they didn’t do
What we wanted them to

We don’t understand
They haven’t been fathers
Before and haven’t figured
Out how to do those things
That make our hearts sing
And we don’t know how
It feels to them to not know
How to glow in the dark
When it’s their son’s heart
That wants to be held
To not see what’s going on
Until it is over

They teach us what they know
What they believe
What makes their heart sing
They pick us up
They love us and we love them
Back as we slip away
Into our own lives
Holding on to memories
We don’t know if they’re true
But they seem so real
Like our dreams
Used to feel

We would all go back if we could
To the age of innocence
Where we can laugh
Where eyes speak of love
That words cannot express
And hearts sing of joy
Of the cares that do not burden
If you take my hand
You can take me there

Photo by Jed Owen via Unsplash


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