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What if some things really don’t change

It’s been pretty well documented for billions of years
Talked about in pubs, over cocktails and beers
There’s one thing you can count on, no one finds it strange
It’s the famous pseudo-constant, widely known as change

You say, “Everything changes,” and make it sound slick
And hardly anyone will question it or think it’s a trick
With Lao Tsu and Buddha, saying changes are required
You might the Q&A, on change has expired

It’s the only part of reality that everyone seems to share
It’s the only part that no one will claim is just theirs
But what if I told you there are enough for a list
Of things that don’t change, that you’ve been told can’t exist

Through every generation gravity hasn’t changed a bit
And the speed that light travels is one we can’t omit
Pi is always constant, to infinite decimal places
And Avogadro’s number, no one has one to replace it

Prime numbers are, well, prime numbers are prime
And mathematics provides a way to look beyond time
You can divide or multiple infinitely
And begin to get a glimpse of eternity

I’m sure that you have said it, you know that this true
And you know that you believed it, because someone you know told you
It was probably someone you trusted, and it made a lot of sense
And if you ever thought about it, it was confirmed by experience

So you didn’t think more about it, because it seemed to be so right
You didn’t think to question it, you didn’t put up a fight
You accepted it at face value and that seems to be the way
Almost everyone seems to navigate their days

If you’ve believed all things are changing, then you might be appalled
When you declare what you believe, no matter which side you call
Well, some folks will believe the opposite, now, do you think that this can change
If it ever does, well that would be a little more than strange

So, there are things that don’t change, more than most people knew
If they haven’t changed, they probably won’t, because none of them are new
So if some things really don’t change, what else might not be true
Isn’t this the question we should ask about every point of view


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