stacked boat near sea under white sky

The one thing holding you back

Do you feel like your life is not moving forward?
Are you stuck in cool territory and not getting warmer?
Do obstacles seem to spring up on the left and the right?
Does no one understand your creative plight?

Is your project sitting there gathering dust
Is your masterpiece as stale as leftover crust
Is your novel stalled on about the first page
Is your agony such that it can’t be assuaged?

There seems to be a lot of this going around
You’re a ship just drifting or already run aground
And the truth is you have no idea which one it is
But clearly there’s something obstructing your bliss

Not enough time and what about my friends
You’ve used all the excuses, where’s my favorite pen
Doesn’t matter who or what you are willing to blame
The outcome of excuses is always the same

You’re thinking people will belittle me, they’ll put me down
They won’t take me seriously, they’ll think I’m a clown
But while singing off-key may sound just plain wrong
It’s a much better option than never singing the song

You say you’d give anything to know the solution
You’d love to have an insight that’s appropriately Confucian
But the truth is you’d rather sit there and stew
And do anything but the one thing that you need to do

Go ahead and do something it doesn’t matter how long
Just do something even if you know it is wrong
You want to know what’s keeping you from pushing on through
There’s only one obstacle and that obstacle is you

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