What now?

Why and how aren’t the questions you must ultimately ask
What is always the question you’re left with at last
When you know why or how, you still have to know what
It’s the only way you can get past all the buts

There’s a circular connection between what, why and how
What cuts to the chase ’cause it’s focussed on now
The right answer to what keeps you out of life’s ruts
And answers the questions that are driving you nuts

What must I do now, no matter what you’ve done
No matter why or how, this question is the one
To see the right answer from just the right side
Without going down a rat hole or taking a ride

Or look for the opposite of what you would know
Take a look in the mirror, what does it show
Keep asking what until you’re surprised
If you’re curious enough, you can learn to be wise

Keep asking what until you hit solid rock
Don’t listen to others or look at the clock
You’ll know when you see the right answer to what
It will be simple and clear, and sharp enough to cut

What matters most is what you must see
What must I do now, and what must I be
Get clear on these whats is what you must do
If you really want to do what is just right for you

No one else can answer this question but you
No one else will have the right point of view
No one else will ever care quite like you will
If the answer to what doesn’t give you a chill

How do you recognize the right answer to what
First of all, people may call you a nut
It will also scare the hell out of you
But you’ll know it is something you really must do

You’ll know if you don’t do it, you’ll live with regret
You know it will challenge you and cause you to sweat
There’s a chance you may fail, but you’ll take the risk
Because it’s an opportunity that you cannot miss

What gives you direction so you know your next task
That’s why what should be the first question you ask
What helps you make balance between action and rest
What helps you know when you’ve done your best

The answer to what will have to feel right
It must feel like the difference between day and night
It must make you uncomfortable and give your spine chills
It may even require that you to learn a new skill

Answer what right and things fall into place
The reasons and timing and sequence and pace
The way out of confusion is open and shut
When you need the right answer just keep asking what


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