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What would Dr. Seuss do?

Now and then I’m in an uneasy situation
You might call it a breakdown in communication
There are hecklers, and haters and trolls all around
Lots of folks have this problem, and it makes people frown
But it was a situation I could not get used to
Until finally I asked what would Dr. Seuss do

A troll is someone who loves to destroy
When you’re just having fun he wants to smash all your toys
It pains him to see other people enjoy
So he attacks from the front without using a ploy
I don’t take it personally in the way I used to
Ever since I asked what would Dr. Seuss do

Why he’d make up a story and set it to rhyme
With the troll as a monster oozing stinky green slime
The troll then makes all the girls and boys cry
And just laughs at them when they tearfully ask why
But one boy and one girl will eventually outsmart
The troll and give everyone a reason to take heart

They will struggle, of course, and they will be changed
And get into predicaments exceedingly strange
But they will show the troll the error of his ways
By easing his pain and giving him praise
By helping him find ways to use his strength to
Ask himself what the heck, would Dr. Seuss do

Trolls are just people who are wrapped up in pain
They’ve become a little deformed and deranged
But inside they are humans just like you and me
They want to feel safe and they want to be free
So, like Dr. Seuss, keep things simple and true
And, when in doubt stop and ask, what would Dr. Seuss do


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