Learning can't be measured like time on a clock - Poetry For Big Kids

Seems it’s all about the hustle these days

Seems it’s all about the hustle these days
Hacking procrastination in a dozen different ways
You’ve got lists and apps and systems and games
All of them making unbelievable claims

Productivity is what matters, it’s like you’re a machine
And the fuel for it all is expensive caffeine
Put in more hours, don’t take your vacations
Forget about a life or non-work relations

You’ve got to work hard and you’ve got to work fast
You’ve got to finish first, you can’t risk being passed
Everything hinges on how productive you are
And like everyone else, you want to be the star

With so many egos vying for attention
With just the right measure of condescension
With all the emphasis on how much you do
Shouldn’t what you’re learning, be valued, too

What’s learned can’t be measured like time on the clock
So the fact it’s not measured should come as no shock
But the fact is its impact is much better for you
Than all those hours proving how much you can do

It really isn’t about the time that you spend
It’s a little more about the effort you expend
It’s for sure about your attention and your attitude
The things you figured out and the questions pursued

The advice to work hard should be replaced with learn fast
If you never stop learning, you’ll be kicking some ass
Focus less on the output and time you expend
And more on the process and what you do on your end

You’re not a machine, so leverage your talents
Keep your chin up, you’re up to the challenge
You’ll still need to work hard, when there is a need
But if you’re learning, it’s so much easier, and that’s guaranteed 

Photo by Thomas Bormans via Unsplash


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