What’s happening these days down on Mulberry Street

What’s happening these days down on Mulberry Street
Does history really repeat and repeat
Is it really deja vu all over again
Does anyone still believe that the good guys will win

Why of course new things happen on the way home from school
Some of it sucks and some of it’s cool
But the thing is new stuff always creates new problems
And each day brings a new race to the bottom

The pace of change speeds up faster and faster
How long can we continue to avoid a disaster
We’ll probably keep going until something big breaks
Meanwhile short-term profits are the order of the day

There are some folks who are yearning for the good old days
Others say it’s a fad, or it’s only a phase
Still others say change everything, and change it all fast
But we all know deep down that nothing will last

Everyone is conservative and wants things their way
And not one of us knows what will happen today
Or tomorrow or the day after, we’re all in the dark
And everyday the forecasts are more off the mark

Every day we throw millions of ideas on the wall
Some of them stick and but most of them fall
Some of them make money and some of them lose
But it’s regular people who ultimately choose

And human nature, that isn’t likely to change
That’s why when things change they still stay the same
We’re predictably irrational, we’re biased and twisted
This part of our nature just can’t be resisted

Some of us like new stuff, some of us don’t
Some new stuff will work, and some of it won’t
But new stuff will happen, as it has for all time
Some will be shitty, and some of it sublime

There’s no rhyme or reason for what makes the grade
More often it’s the marketing message conveyed
It’s timing and luck and what people desire
Increasingly power is in the hands of the buyer

So now we can finally get down to it
We all know that someone is going to do it
And some of us will think it’s an earth shaking eruption
When someone disrupts the latest disruption

And we’ll all be there clamoring to ride the new wave
Or be shaking our heads at how humans behave
And while everyone is watching the ride to the beach
A new wave will be rising just out of our reach

There’s a lot going on down on Mulberry Street
There’s a lot going on, you bet, yessiree.
But where Mulberry runs into Bliss at the “T”
What might happen down there is what worries me


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