man doing martial arts

When it seems there’s no meaning

When it seems there’s no meaning inherent in life
Each of us must serve as meaning’s midwife
It isn’t found it’s something we must all create
Simply because the need for meaning is innate

A life without progress is a life without purpose
And it won’t be found in making your next purchase
A life without momentum is a life without meaning
Devoid of direction and ultimately demeaning

So how do you cure these life oversights
It isn’t intelligence or a matter of might
The solution is simple but it may take some time
But the outcome you experience can be sublime

Chose anything you think you may want to do
It better if it’s something that you do for you
Something you’re interested in and uses a talent
Something you embrace as a worthy challenge

Just start making progress and meaning will emerge
The more meaning you make the more you’ll have the urge
To make more progress so you can create
More meaning for you, there’s no reason to wait

Don’t let mediocrity define who you are
With purpose and meaning there’s no limit to how far
You can choose to go if you set your mind to it
You just have to decide and then follow-on through it

So make a little progress and generate some mo’
Don’t worry about how far you must go
One step at a time is how a journey is made
It’s how great work is done, it’s how all games are played

Do this awhile and momentum will rise
And with it the purpose you have been denied
With both meaning and purpose falling into place
You’ll have a sense the universe is just part of your space

Your space to create and define who you are
You won’t necessarily feel like a star
But you’ll know that you’re doing what it is you should do
Because you have the feeling you are finally you


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