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When you have to say, “I don’t know.”

I really don’t mind admitting when I really don’t know
That still leaves plenty of directions to go
Just because I don’t know doesn’t mean I’m not curious
Still plenty of people take this phrase way too serious
I don’t know

So what do you say when you don’t want to reveal
How saying, “I don’t know,” really makes you feel
You do have alternatives for phrases to use
Or you can just pretend to nod off and snooze
I don’t know

Posing a question is a pretty safe bet
If you haven’t figured out an alternative yet
To proclaiming your ignorance and saying it out loud
Just deflect with a question if you’re really that proud
What do you think

But there are other safe bets where you openly admit
That you really don’t know but you’re ready to commit
When willingness to dig deeper is right to convey
And you’re willing to follow up, then it’s easy to say
I’ll find out

It isn’t really taking that big of a chance
To hazard taking a tentative stance
I doesn’t really matter if most folks don’t agree
You probably won’t get much of the third degree
If I had to guess

Saying, “I don’t know,” could be the right thing to say
But you probably don’t want to every single day
You could always ask another time tested question
But put it in the form of a helpful suggestion
Why don’t we ask

It’s better to avoid those troublesome phrases
That can land you out of someone’s good graces
For example, if you have to apologize
Before speaking make a solid connection with your eyes
I’m so sorry

The big one, though is when you’re just not correct
When your back’s to the wall and your facts have been checked
When you get right down to it, there’s nothing to prohibit
You made a mistake, so go ahead and admit it
I was wrong


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