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When your life is in hock

When your life is in hock, and you’re chained to a clock
Seem’s you’re always on call, forever feeling small
And you know it’s designed, so you can’t cross some line
The card deck is stacked, workers eat in the back

You go to work every day, ‘cause you’ve learned that’s the way
You were brainwashed in school, to be a good little fool
Who does what you’re told, there’s no room to be bold
The man lets you pee, like a dog on a leash

But now you are older, and your future looks colder
You would like to have a choice, you would like to have a voice
But no one seems to care, and you’re feeling some despair
Doesn’t matter how you strive, or how hard that you can drive

You’re just a worker in the hive, you’re not getting out alive
You’ve got your ticket in your hand, but you got to pay the man
But it’s a catch twenty-two, there ain’t no hope for you
At least that’s how you feel, it’s a fucking shitty deal

You know profits trickle up, and the system’s corrupt
They never trickle down, down to your side of town
The fat cats get fatter, and your wallet gets flatter
And you know what matters, when your budget is shattered

You only get a fraction, not enough to get traction
A crumb now and then, just a whiff of a win
You know it’s all up to you, but you don’t know what to do
No one’s throwing you a bone, you can’t even get a loan

You got to do something else, if you’re gonna help yourself
Help the people you love, it won’t be coming from above
It’s got to come from inside, got to be deeper than wide
You want to know what to do
But, damn, it’s all up to you
Got to have a breakthrough
From this slow turning screw
Creating all this freakin’ pressure on you

You don’t want to rock the boat, you have your little moat
You’ve got Netflix and beer, you know nobody hears
When you’re crying at night, sorting wrong out from right
Choosing what matters most, do you push or just coast

Do you have the guts, to do what you must
Reach out with a hand, from right where you stand
When you’d rather lay low, you must get up and go
That’s just how life is, a warm beer with no fizz

How much is enough, you look around at your stuff
You know it’s an anchor, the source of some rancor
The conflict is internal, the conflict is infernal
Your demons won’t quit, you’re at the end of your wits

You look all around, the same thing’s going down
People barely surviving, when they want to be thriving
Some have it worse, they feel they are cursed
Some may have it better, but they’re all still debtors

You don’t know anyone who’s free, they all look like me
Their lives are in hock, their head’s on the block
The burden on their backs, is heavy and black
Their babies are crying and they’re slowly dying

That’s your ring in the case, but you still have a place
Where it was on your finger, the feeling still lingers
You keep it on the book, you exit with a look
Is this all there is, is this fuckin’ it

How much can you take before you will break
When everything’s so bleak, and there’s no dignity
Something’s gotta give, sure, you want to live
But this isn’t livin’, it ain’t even dying
Man this is just fuckin’ suicidin’

The question to ask, that gets right to the task
What are we gonna do, your life’s in hock too
The revolution you see, is inside you down deep
And the answer you choose, you got nothing to lose
You got nothing to lose
You got nothing to lose
to lose to lose to lose
You got nothing

To lose


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