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Why do I always want more than I need

The universe doesn’t owe me a doggone thing
I’m not entitled to a title, I don’t want to be king
I don’t belong to a club with a handshake and ring
But I still have plenty of songs to sing

So why do I always want more than I need
Enough is the mark I always want to exceed
I want to see it behind me and watch it recede
Is there something I don’t understand about greed

Enough is a goal I always make higher
When I reach it there’s something else to acquire
Satisfaction is fleeting when you’re chasing desire
For the weather to be a little wetter or dryer

The stuff that I have just anchors me down
Keeping up with styles makes me feel like a clown
The status I want is a frivolous gown
I’ve got so much now I’m starting to drown

So why do I continue to play at this game
I know the results and they’re always the same
Like a moth unable to fly from the flame
There’s a part of my soul I need to reclaim

Having less and being satisfied with simplicity
Being a little more comfortable with uncertainty
Not projecting a image based on duplicity
Acknowledging luck and serendipity

The things that matter most are not really things
They are experiences and relationships and reasons to sing
They are the rewards that doing good work brings
Helping lift up other people to do the same thing

These are worth my investment instead of buying new stuff
Experiences that have meaning and are not merely fluff
It makes a lot more sense, but curiously enough
They are harder to do, in fact they’re darn tough

Stuff is distraction from the hard parts of living
Seems it’s easier to collect than investing in giving
Like holding on to grudges instead of forgiving
Another irony that let’s us know we are living


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