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Why me?

Now and then it happens, nothing seems to go your way
You wanted black and white, but got a weird new shade of gray
You know you must keep going, shoveling sand against the tide
Swimming circles in the sewer asking can it be this wide
Why me?

Why did this shit happen, you’re making puns about the crap
Then you abruptly realize, you must swim another lap
This isn’t fair to me at all, is what you’re prone to think
As you try to touch the bottom, and all you do is sink
Why me?

But you know that you’ll get through it, you know you always do
And things will somehow turn out fine, ’cause you can count on you
You’ll eventually find a way out, even if you don’t think you can
The important thing is do something now, there is no time to plan
Why me?

That’s when things go south again, then they go from bad to worse
You’re at the point where you must prove you can go beyond perverse
None of this is making sense, and you’ve finally had your fill
This shit is really getting old, it’s like trying to swim uphill
Why me?

You don’t want to pray, “Lord, save me now; I won’t do this again.”
You’ve said that prayer so many times, you know you’ve worn it thin
Things happen for a reason, is the phrase that’s in your head
That’s bullshit, too, you’re thinking as you wonder what’s ahead
Why me?

You just wait to hit the bottom, after that you’ll have a shot
You’ll wait till it stops getting worse, even though you’d rather not
Knowing that you have hit rock bottom, is such a bitter cup
The only consolation is, you’ll know which way is up
Why me?


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