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Why stories are told

Some say stories are deceptions, they are misdirections
Some say stories are simply not true
But to see who you are look past your reflections
And let their truth speak to you

Truths are not facts, they aren’t even proofs
Truths are stories that can show you the way
Themes that help you remember those times in your youth
When you found yourself lost in your play

Melodies and motifs that imitate nature
To remind us of what’s there in plain sight
Patterns we use to be magic makers
Caught between the flow and the fight

Situations and perspectives that release our emotions
Giving rise to sudden insights
Inspiring adventurers to cross uncharted oceans
And wanderers to walk through the night

Currents of harmony and resonance that sweep
Through the unfolding fabric of life
Piercing our spirits with experiences so deep
They are primal as the blade of a knife

The outcomes of choices made in the wood
Paths chosen and those never taken
Consequences we must live with, only some of them good
And the hope we may one day awaken

Tales that excite and inspire and delight
Even as they reveal our true natures
And tempt us to look beyond the finite
To see people as more than just neighbors

Every story is told to reveal hidden truths
Each a fractal of a fractal of a fractal
To assemble the clues, requires being a sleuth
And mastering the art of time travel


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