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Work-life balance is a ruse

Work-life balance is a monumental ruse
A marketing ploy, a guilt-ridden excuse
An artificial dichotomy that will only confuse
And convince you that you like being abused
By the choices you make when you’re forced to choose
One thing over all the others

You want to do life right, and play it smart
Don’t buy-in to the notion that work is where you start
There is only life, and work is one part
But life consists, too, of affairs of the heart
Of rest and relationships and the making of art
It’s always one thing over all the others

Creating life is not about balancing work
That approach will make you more of a jerk
Focus your attention more on life’s perks
Don’t focus on transactions like a bureaucratic clerk
Because order doesn’t always emerge from the murk
Of choosing one thing over all the others

Productivity and ambition don’t make success
Unless you’re able to balance them with rest
Feeling guilty when you’re not working is basically stress
That doesn’t add up to doing your best
Don’t treat your life like a multiple-choice test
Choosing one thing over all the others

You can only do one thing at a time
Life’s balance can’t ever be planned or designed
You must choose in the moment, and hope the stars are aligned
And keep choosing knowing you may never find
That place where you’re completely free of the grind
Of choosing one thing over all the others

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