You are not what you think you are

When we ask who am I, our minds offer a clue
You are without question, The Magnificent You
You are the master of all you perceive
You are a winner with cards up your sleeve

And that’s such a great answer we’re willing to believe
A more realistic description just can’t be conceived
Why clearly this must be the description of me
I’d really be stupid not to agree

We stop asking questions, the mind has control
We get right to work, we start setting goals
We start making plans, we’ve got so much to do
There’s so little time for success to accrue

We don’t even see that the mind’s in our way
We bump up against it all day every day
We have no idea how it feels without
The mind creating everything from hubris to doubt

We think that we think and therefore we are
With just a little more thinking we think we are stars
All this intricate thinking, we’re getting life figured out
As long as we ignore what we don’t think about

Your mind is right there between your ego and your Self
With its endless schemes and obsessions with wealth
With its need to be busy and always comparing
No wonder it’s hard to get our spiritual bearings

We identify with our mind and that’s what it likes
We think it’s us thinking all those categories and types
We think it’s us analyzing and making our choices
When all we can hear is the mind’s mental noises

But very little exists that is further from the truth
Except maybe the hubris of adolescent youth
Our mind has us convinced that we’re one of a kind
When in fact there’s just One, but to this we are blind

There is only one everything, there is only one time
But that’s way too simple for the human mind
The mind wants to analyze and break it all down
Then put it back together and twist it around

That’s what the mind does, and it does it so well
Almost any situation can be heaven or hell
Since we think we’re the thinker, we’re more easily persuaded
We can think what we like and think we’ve been upgraded

Is it a prankster, a charlatan, an illusionist or fake
Is there an apple in your hand, are you talking to a snake
Is someone else watching or are we alone
Could it be that the mind has a mind of its own

Now don’t be disillusioned, your mind’s a great tool
But the truth is that your thoughts are simply not you
Just be still for a while and watch yourself thinking
And eventually, I’m sure, you’ll see consciousness winking

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