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You can’t turn inspiration on with a switch

You can’t turn inspiration on with a switch
And, you don’t want it on all the time
Like every effort, it must be followed with rest
No one can continually touch the sublime

Physically you’re just a biological beast
You breathe in and then you breathe out
This is a truth that pervades all that we do
It’s the essence of what life is about

Inspiration happens when you’re totally relaxed
When you’re not looking for it at all
It’s so much easier to see when you’re not looking
That’s when your Muse is most likely to call

But still you have to show up each day
Relaxed and willing to fail
Practicing the basics and giving it your best
But ready to cast off and set sail

Practice having lots of new ideas
But don’t do it so you’ll be admired
The more ideas you produce the more chances you have
That one or two of them that may be inspired

It’s no waiting game, it’s not at all passive
It’s about awareness that is totally active
You notice little things then juxtapose
In a process both additive and subtractive

If inspiration could be predicted
It would not just appear from the blue
It’s that serendipitous quality
That makes it feel like a touch from The Muse

If you really want to have inspiration
There is no formula or recipe
You have to let go of all expectation
And breathe air that is free of belief

Keep in mind though that inspiration
Has always been only the start
It’s what you do when you follow-thru
That turns inspiration to art


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