You may be on your knees, you may have to crawl

You have to do this

Don’t wait to be chosen, don’t wait for permission
Step forward first like you’re on a mission
Be first to choose, and choose yourself first
Who else do you know so thoroughly versed

Go ahead and get started, there’s no reason to wait
What you do right now will determine your fate
After all what you do is all up to you
You don’t need a full plan, all you need is a clue

Put yourself out there, you may stumble or fall
You may be on your knees, you may have to crawl
Do what it takes to take the next step
You don’t have to wait until everything’s prepped

Waiting is the killer, it’s what eats up the time
And wasting time is one of life’s biggest crimes
If you feel yourself doubting, that’s a really good sign
It mean’s you’ll savor each moment, like you would a good wine

Don’t let anything stop you or get in your way
Take a tiny step forward, first thing every day
That will get you started, though you’ll never be through
You’re the only one who can do it, no one else can be you     

Photo by Jordan Christian via Unsplash


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