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You might be a contrarian if…

When everyone else heads into town, you go the other way
When everyone else is spending money, you double the amount that you save
When everyone else is getting together, you find a way to be alone
When everyone else is listening to the words, you are listening to the tone

When people are excited about a sure thing, you are looking for ways to hedge it
When everyone else is in the middle of the crowd, you head out to the edges
When everyone else complains about life, you express your gratitude
When people want to know why you are this way, you say it’s just an attitude

The contrarian life has little appeal, because it seems so solitary
But this is what you do to stand out from the crowd, you refuse to be ordinary
Because you’re alone people pity you, they imagine your life is hollow
But you know to give them a little time, because some people always follow

But the people who really interest you, the ones digging a little deeper
The ones who are challenging themselves, walking on paths that are steeper
Individuals going in different directions, each on a path of their own
Contrarians all who refuse to travel, on pathways already known

These are the people you think of as peers, even though they don’t know you
At least not yet, but your paths have crossed, this is something you know is true
You know if you stay true to your path, and make progress every day
That you will arrive where you are going and this is the only way


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