man in white t-shirt standing in front of window

You put yourself in that cage

So you feel limited like your potential is not tapped
Let’s face it, you really feel like you are trapped
You’re in a prison, or at best, a big cage
You’re registering high scores on the My Life Sucks Gauge

There’s anxiety and worry hemming you in
You’re desperate for even a small taste of Zen
The majority of each weekday goes to the Man
Making him rich according to his plan

And you know he doesn’t give a shit about you
You just show up and do what you’re expected to do
And you see this stretching out over the years
It’s enough to make a sober adult shed some tears

What can you do, you’d like to lay blame
But you know that list contains only one name
You’d like to get out, but you have all these bills
Truth is, you’d like to run for the hills

And it may come down to it, if the pressure keeps up
You can feel you are closer to a bona fide blowup
But that’s really something you’d like to avoid
Truth is, you can’t afford to be unemployed

It’s hard to admit that you boxed yourself in
A few bad decisions and you’re just a has been
Caught in a cage in one of life’s dead-end streets
Dreaming of your youth, but remembering your defeats

You put yourself in this cage and you still have the key
You’re the only one who can set your Self free
You’re the one who can let your Soul out to play
You’re the one who can let your Self wither away

You could set yourself free, and yet here you still sit
Dreading doing a few things you’re uncomfortable with
That’s what it boils down to, it’s not the hand you’ve been dealt
You’re just not comfortable confronting yourself

Photo by Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash


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