person standing in front of body of water

Your reality and mine

Some people will tell you your reality isn’t real
Now how the hell does that make you feel
Don’t be alarmed, though, you’re not alone
It’s just that realities can’t seem to be cloned

Mine is right for me as yours is for you
That’s the way it is, what the heck can we do
What works for you may not work for me
I’m pretty darn sure that’s easy to see

So if no two realities are ever the same
Then everything we perceive is simply a game
Call it virtual or relative and we can probably agree
There’s not much that’s real about reality

If you’re curious why some folks just can’t get along
It’s probably the perception, other realities are wrong
Now whether it’s mine or whether it’s yours
I’m ninety-nine percent certain there’s no way to be sure

So, heck, I’ll just stick with the reality I’ve got
And I’m okay if you say you like mine or not
Your reality is different, maybe even somewhat strange
But for me to be you would require me to change

And that’s too damn much trouble, I think you’ll concur
More than one reality just looks a lot like a blur
So when it comes to realities, this is the key
Mine won’t work for you like it’s working for me

And, really, what the heck do all the experts know
They’re just giving their own reality a go
You can try theirs out, but I’d rather not
Until I see one better than the one that I’ve got


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