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You’ve decided you’ll do something big

You’ve decided you will do something big with your life
More than just being a husband or wife
More than just being a parent with kids
You want to do things folks will remember YOU did

All those famous people you studied in school
Being one of them would be pretty cool
And look at the folks who’ve become YouTube stars
If they can do it, can it really be that hard

So you examine the people who’ve done these sorts of things
They don’t seem all that special, so what did they bring
What do they have that sets them apart
You can tell right away you don’t have to be smart

So you read a few books and you wind up confused
When you read about the techniques that other people used
They’re all contradictory and the way isn’t clear
It seems overnight success can take dozens of years

You realize that this may be a long haul
You haven’t even started and you’re hitting a wall
“But, what the heck,” you say, “I’ve got nothing to loose.”
“At least I’ll be doing something I choose.”

So you start asking the folks that you know
And you learn right away what you need is a goal
A goal is the target at which you can shoot
And this all sounds reasonable till you start your pursuit

Shooting at targets, it’s something everyone gets
But you have no idea what you’re shooting with yet
There’s lots more you don’t know, like how to take aim
Or how to determine that you’re within range

You’ve gotten off to a start that feels more like a lurch
You need more information, you do more research
And right before you’ve exceeded your attention span
Somebody mentions that you may need a plan

“Aha!” you say as the bulb switches on
You feel like you just passed the dark hour before dawn
You’ll plan out the steps of what you must do
And it will keep you on track like a plan’s supposed to

So you write down your plan, and it looks pretty good
You’re certain you thought of every thing that you could
And everything looks doable you’re encouraged to see
You decide to get going, how hard can this be

It looks like it can be done pretty cheap
In your spare time and without even losing much sleep
You’re feeling pretty good, you’re ready to begin
This is gonna feel good, you can’t help but grin

Tonight you will party, tomorrow’s the day
You will start on task one and be well on your way
Two or three months later you’re still on task one
And it isn’t even twenty-five percent done

It turns out task one was really contingent
On a dozen other items that were interdependent
You couldn’t do one without working on another
And when you start on one thing another problem is discovered

You begin to question do you have what it takes
You begin to doubt if this is something you can make
You can see you are failing more than you’ve won
And the truth is you that have really just begun

This is gonna take a lot longer than you thought
And some of the things that you need can’t be bought
You’ll have to make them and that will take time
This is gonna be a tough mountain to climb

You realize right away your plan has been blown
By the things you didn’t know that couldn’t be known
But the big realization is the commitment it will take
The time, thought and effort you must dedicate

You had a plan but it wasn’t strategic
That rendered all of your efforts pretty much anemic
You will have to start over with a better design
So all you investments are strategically aligned

So you stop and think about what you have learned
There’s no one to blame if you feel you’ve been burned
If you aren’t committed a good plan is no aid
Even if you have the best plan ever made

You’ve heard all the theories about 10,000 hours
And that kind of scares you, you feel like a coward
You had no idea you’d be playing for such stakes
You realize you’re going to need a few lucky breaks

Commitment by itself is never enough
You also will need just a smidgen of luck
Persistence is fine, it’s all well and good
But it seems that it might also be misunderstood

You can do all the right things and yet nothing works out
You make all the right choices, and still have to face doubts
You can keep on trying until the cows all come home
But if the timing is wrong, there’s no beer, it’s just foam

Something is missing, could be more than one
But you know you will find them before you are done
This is a brand new puzzle you’ve got
But it’s your puzzle now and this is your shot

And that’s when you knew it, that your luck had changed
It was like the whole universe had been rearranged
You could feel your heart lighten for the first time in days
And for the first time in months it wasn’t work it was play

That’s when you knew you would ultimately win
You were on the right track and could finally begin
Everything felt right, the whole world felt good
Because you were doing exactly what you should

You still needed luck but you didn’t worry now
You knew in your heart you would figure it out
You were headed toward your goal, you were never going back
Now that you were finally on the right track

How do you get luck, is that what you ask
You have to go out and find it, it’s no easy task
You can’t look for it, it can’t be discovered that way
You can’t expect it to show up delivered by valet

Just go out and do what you do to be you
Meet people and go places and do what you do
Think about how lucky you are when you smile
And you’ll see your luck changing after a while

But the truth is luck isn’t found it is made
You can’t plan for it even if your plan is well laid
You can’t wait for it either, that isn’t its way
Nor can you buy it on Amazon or Ebay

You can’t read about how to get luck in a book
You won’t ever find it no matter how hard you look
Just do what it is that you do to be you
It’s through experiencing becoming that your luck will accrue


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